Student Leadership Council – Go Green!

9 01 2009

Greetings to all viewers, directors, photographers, artists, and green people!

Student Leadership Council of SD43 will be hosting a Festival of the Arts addressing environmental issues in our local and global community.

During the festival, schools within our school district as well as local environmental organizations will be showcasing their green initiatives. Work from our competition (see below) will also be displayed. In addition, attendees of all ages can look forward to lots of fun activities!

Our Competition:

Prior to the festival, we are holding a competition revolving around the festival’s theme: Go Green! It consists of two categories:

Visual Arts

Within these two categories, there are three different entry levels:

Elementary (Kindergarten – grade 5)

Middle ( grade 6 – 8 )

Secondary ( grade 9 – 12 )

The Festival of the Arts will be showcasing the top submissions for each of the two categories. Judging will be done at the Festival by guest judges. There will be a People’s Choice Award during the Festival in which attendees can vote for their favourite photograph and artwork!

Our goal for the festival is not only to promote environmental awareness, but to also inspire our community to take up the challenge of going green! There are various sustainable choices that cater to each of our needs. It is just a matter getting that knowledge out there!

We welcome all to attend SLC’s Festival of the Arts: Go Green! on April 18th. Until then, please check out the competition being offered by SLC!





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26 11 2010
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