Student Leadership Council of SD43

The Student Leadership Council (SLC) has represented the student voice in District #43 since 1993. The SLC mandate is to develop leadership skills, abilities, and attributes in middle and secondary students throughout the District. With representation from the 13 middle and the 8 secondary schools, the SLC is truly the voice of the students.

The SLC functions is the primary link between the students and the Board of Trustees, with the intention of building strong bonds with the other partner groups of our district. The council strives to further the effect of the established student forum by increasing the presence of the student voice at the highest levels of decision making in our district while seeking to strengthen the network between our schools, and the other districts across British Columbia.


SLC Executive Members

Justine , Dini,  Shawna, Victoria, Saskia, Michael, Sally, Ariana, Sam, Justin , Ali

Resources for SLC Members

Powerpoint to share with classes

Letter to share with school administration


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