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2 03 2009

So this festival is about going green. Does anyone have any ideas for how we could all go green in our every day lives?

2 03 2009
Sam Wheating

there are lots of different ways to go green in our everyday lives,
-ride a bike
-raise awareness
-turn off lights
and many more.

would it be OK if my film was more of a nature theme?

2 03 2009

Going green should suit your own lives. For example, buying a traveler’s mug when you don’t even drink coffee seems like a waste for yourself. Try to find ways to go green that fit you. If you use a car to get to school, try car pooling or busing once a week, etc.

It’s usually laziness that stops us from taking that first step. After that, it’s easy peasy =)

Great topic starter Justin.

2 03 2009

Hey Sam, if you send me your storyboard, I’ll let you know it it’s suitable for the challenge. (

Nature films in general shouldn’t be a problem as long as they show some promotion of sustainability.

Example: Filming the Alberta tar sands and showing how oil extraction is destroying an entire ecosystem; local filming can include your neighbourhood salmon creek and the effects of pollution; etc

5 03 2009

hey so im an actor who goes to pinetree, just out of curiosity could i go into the visual arts competition as an intermisionist? i mean could i play a character that follows the theme and be Judged in the competition? technically it is visual art and it would be really funky and cool…

6 03 2009

That is a funky and cool idea Duncan. Send us your script ( when you’re finished and we’ll go from there. Since the theatre has been allocated for the film category, your act will most likely be performed out where the other visual art submissions are (unless you decide to film your act).

6 03 2009

My friends wanted me to ask some questions
One of my friends wanted to make a stop motion animation of her drawing a picture of going green. She was wondering what catergory that would go into.

Also, my other friend wanted to make something on photoshop, and she was wondering how big it have to be…

7 03 2009

The stop motion animation will go under the film category since it will require a screen and projector.

As for the photoshop image, the size is up to the artist, but they should remember that this will be displayed and judged by viewers (so not too small =) )

Hope that helps Lucia!

10 03 2009

Hey I was at the meeting today and they had a great slide show from Maillard, and I got permission from the students to use it, but I can’t find it anywhere! Any idea where I can find the link?

Thanks, Alesha

10 03 2009
Dave Truss

Hi Alesha,
It was put on the bottom of the ‘About’ page, along with a letter that you can use to give to your Principals.
Here is a direct link to the slideshow:
Thanks for your enthusiasm! Let’s hope you can inspire more entries into the festival when you use this presentation at your school, (and maybe even at neighbouring elementary schools too)!

25 03 2009
Sam Wheating

I have just a couple questions:

How many entries have there been so far in the film category?

what are the chances of having my film shown?

would it be okay if I dropped off a DVD instead of mailing it?

27 03 2009
David Truss

The film entries are just starting to come in, and we can assure you that every (appropriate) film that is handed in will be shown at the festival.

A DVD would be great. Be sure that your school knows you are handing in a video and that you have permission for your name/image to be used publicly.

Things are really taking shape and we appreciate all the work students have done both to organize this event and to create art/films for the festival.

27 03 2009
Paul Jon

Hey there, it’s Paul Jon from SLC (Moody Middle, grade 8 )

Hopefully we’ve been having plenty of entries. I’m aware my brother and some of his friends have made a video and are soon to send it.
I noticed something about the due date for entries on the site…
On the front page it reads:
“Submissions Due: April 1st, 2009” That is the date that I’ve been placing on the announcements that have been running all week in Moody Middle.
However, on the submissions section of the site, it reads:
“Please make sure entries are sent or delivered to David Truss at Maillard Middle by Friday April 10th.”

Not sure if these mean different things, but just thought I’d ask.

Also, some people have been wondering if it’s possible to submit entries by posting it on… say… YouTube to have it confirmed as a possible entry for the festival, and then simply bring a USB device or another storage device to the festival itself to be transferred onto a computer to be played. This would optimize the picture quality and wouldn’t be required to be compressed by sending it via e-mail.

Thanks! Hoping for plenty of entries!

~ Paul Jon

28 03 2009
Dave Truss

Hi Paul,
We changed the deadline to the 10th, thanks for pointing out that we left an old date on the site. YouTube entries would be fine, BUT we would want to see parent permission, and we would prefer to get the USB version before the day of the Fair if possible to ensure that you video gets fair play time along with the other entries.

6 04 2009
Sam Wheating

OK sorry about that last comment I was logged in as my moms blog.

6 04 2009
Sam Wheating

So where would I drop off a DVD?

8 04 2009
Dave Truss

All the details are on our Submissions page:

If you have issues getting your DVD to me, please talk to your Principal/Vice Principal/Teacher and have them contact me via district e-mail and we’ll make sure that we get your DVD.

Thanks in advance for your contribution!

9 04 2009
Sam Wheating

Ok so my dad should be dropping off my entry today around 12:00 so could you comment here and confirm that the DVD has been delivered and is working.

17 04 2009
sam Wheating

Is there a schedule or program of events please? I’d like to come but probably can’t attend for the full 4 hours. Please break it down for me….Sam’s mom

18 04 2009

I have the same question as the previous person…is there a schedule? My daughter’s film is apparantly being shown, but I can’t stay for the whole afternoon.
thanks so much

18 04 2009
Dave Truss

The schedule is all the movies playing in a continuous loop with slides of the art entries in-between. There is no guarantee as to when a specific video will be played, but the loop will take roughly an hour and 15 minutes to cycle through.
See you at the Festival.

(There is a link to a Google map for the location of the Inlet Theatre in the ‘Invitation’ at the top right of this website.)

19 04 2009
Sam Wheating

OK could you please tell me who won in both the judged competition and the peoples choice award because I couldnt be there at the end of the festival

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