Please remember that submissions should exemplify the Go Green theme by promoting a sustainable future and a greener lifestyle.


Submissions must abide to school rules and be appropriate for all ages. They must be no more than 3 minutes.


SLC has purposely left the film competition with few restrictions and a broad theme to allow you to choose from various topics. Just to get your brainstorming focused in the right direction, here are some suggested topics you can choose for your video’s message:

  • Sustainability – conserving energy/resources
  • Carbon footprint
  • Changing the little things in life- recycling, better transportation methods, etc
  • Promote a green cause/event


Here are some sample art pieces that fit a majority of the guidelines above and the judging criteria:

Energy Man

Saving the World (animation)

Quick Guide to Saving Energy and Money

Story of Stuff (The length is longer than our suggested time)



Your videos will be judged by guest judges (TBA). They will be marking you based on the criteria listed below. The two entry levels will be judged separately, but based on the same criteria.

A first place and honourable mention(s) will be given by the judges’ assessment of your film.


Message & Theme: The message is clear, evident, and easily interpreted. It is powerful, inspiring viewers and evoking a need to change.

Creativity & Originality: The video is unique and stands out to the viewer. Displays a deeper level of insight to the environmental / sustainability theme of the video. The message is original or is displayed in a new perspective.

Use of Materials and Technical Skills: Pieces shows a mastery of the materials. It demonstrates an understanding of the tools and techniques utilized.

Overall Presentation: Eye-catching. Video editing is clean. Voice/Actor(s)’ performances are adequate and believable.



  • Elementary (Kindergarten- Grade 5)
  • Middle (Grade 6- Grade 8 )
  • Secondary (Grade 9- Grade 12)



Your film can be sent to

Please title your piece and write a summary explaining your film. Remember to include an application form with your submission.

Your film needs to be sent in a video format compatible to media player. It can also be mailed to the address specified in Submissions as a DVD.

All film submissions will be showcased here on this website. You will be notified if your video is selected to be showcased at the Festival of the Arts.

*new* COPYRIGHT material needs to be credited at the end of your film (ie: any music, pictures, etc that are not your own)

There is no limitation to the amount of entries an individual can submit.


If you have further questions involving the Film competition, please contact: or


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