Please make sure entries are sent or delivered to David Truss at Maillard Middle by Friday April 10th.

Entries that have been plagiarized will be disqualified.

Application Forms for both categories can be found here. If you prefer a document format of the application form, please e-mail

Film submissions can be sent to Please do not upload your video to another source (ie: youtube, google video, facebook, etc). Please send your video in a format that can be viewed on media player (preferably avi format).

You can also mail your video in as a DVD to the address below.

All film submissions will be showcased here on this website. You will be notified if your video is selected to be showcased at the Festival of the Arts.

Visual Arts submissions may not be entered online. SLC requires the original piece in order to display it at the Arts Festival. Entries must be sent to the following address:

Dave Truss

1300 Rochester Avenue

Coquitlam, BC

V3K 2X5

Your art piece will be returned to you after the festival.

Restrictions: Submissions must abide to school rules and be appropriate for all ages. Only students in school district 43 may submit entries. Please see Parental Consent Form below.

There is no limitation to the amount of entries individuals can submit in any or both categories.

All competitors whose submissions are selected to be displayed are requested to attend the Festival of the Arts on April 18th.

If you have questions, please contact:


Submission Checklist:

Please make sure you have completed the following to ensure a successive submission!

-> Applicaiton form

-> A short paragraph explaining your entry

-> Photography/art submission (including the application form and short paragraph) is sent to the above address with the postmark date by April 1st

-> Film submission (including the application form and short paragraph) is sent to in a video format compatible to media player

-> Parental Consent Form – if required as described below.


A note from schools is required stating that permission for any student’s name or image used in the submission has been permitted by parents (usually in agendas)
The following must be handed in:


Photographs/Published Names

In accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, School

District No. 43 (Coquitlam) requires consent to use personal information for purposes

unrelated to educational programs.

Release of Student Photographs/Names

The school district requests permission to use photographs/videos/names of individual

students and groups of students in a variety of publications to promote the school district.

This could include newsletters, brochures, newspapers, magazines, reports, the SD 43 or

school website, radio, videos or television. This would also include permission for your

child to be photographed by the media (TV or newspaper) for events relating to the


If your child is visible in any photographs, art work or videos, (or their names are used within the work or on film credits), in a submission for the SLC Festival of the Arts, then this permission form must be included with submissions in order for their work to be displayed:

*  At the Festival, and/or on the SLC website, (

* On media related promotion or reporting of the festival

* On School District 43 websites including both district and school websites.

_____ Yes – I give my consent for the publication of my child’s photograph/name and

comments for purposes consistent with the above.

_____ No – I do not permit the publication of my child’s photograph/name and

comments for purposes consistent with the above.

Student Name_______________________________ School__________________________

Project Submitted: ___________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature _______________________________ Date__________________



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