Visual Arts



Please remember that submissions should exemplify the Go Green theme by promoting a sustainable future and a greener lifestyle.


  • Painting/drawing
  • 3-dimensional art pieces: Sculpture/ceramics/etc
  • Photography
  • Graphic arts


Submissions must abide to school rules and be appropriate for all ages.



Your artistic piece will be judged by the event attendees. A people’s choice award will be given to the top art piece.


Message & Theme: The message is clear, evident, and easily interpreted. It is powerful, inspiring viewers and evoking a need to change.

Creativity & Originality: The art piece is unique and stands out to the viewer. Displays a deeper level of insight to the environmental / sustainability theme. The message is original or is displayed in a new perspective.

Use of Materials and Technical Skills: Pieces shows a mastery of the materials. It demonstrates an understanding of the tools and techniques utilized.

Overall Presentation: Eye-catching. Composition has a focal point and an effective use of the principles of art/design (unity, balance, contrast, movement, emphasis, rhythm, and repetition). There is also an effective use of the elements (line, shape, value/tone, texture, colour, space, and form).



  • Elementary (Kindergarten- Grade5)
  • Middle (Grade 6- Grade 8 )
  • Secondary(Grade 9- Grade 12)



Please title your piece and write a short paragraph explaining your art work. Remember to include an application form with your submission.

Entries postmarked by April 1st will be accepted.

There is no limitation to the amount of entries an individual can submit.




If you have further questions involving the Visual Arts competition, please contact:

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